MyCharacter Blueprint is empty

Started a new project, Top Down Blueprint with Starter stuff.
I see the map with is grey pillars and the icon for the controller in the middle.
If I hit play, it’s all good a blue dude appears and you can click on a location and he’ll run there.

Okay, so I’d like to look at how that works.

I navigate to the blueprints directory, and there it is, “MyCharacter”

I double click on it and it’s empty.

Where are all the scripts for it’s actions? It has an idle animation, and it runs when when I click somewhere.

I can mouseover the blueprint and I see that it’s got a parent class, but I can’t find that parent class blueprint, it’s not there.

I’d like to look at the script that tells the character which animation to play when, and how to navigate to the point, etc.


Looking at the project, they have the animations idle, walk, and run all in a 1D blendspace with a single speed parameter set in the character’s animation blueprint. This animation blueprint is located in the Character folder and is called “HeroTPP_AnimBlueprint”

The clicking and moving functionality looks to be located in the MyController blueprint located in the Blueprints folder.

Let me know if this helps!

okay, thanks. Good to know that there are blueprints located outside the blueprint folder.

The only thing with this is that I still don’t see how it path finds. I see the behaviors for testing if it’s the active player, and then there is a get velocity and vector. But still don’t see how this navigates around the blocks and how and when it knows to transition, etc.

I’m might be over thinking it, but if it’s a built in pathfinder system or something I’d like to know where that lives.

To create a nav mesh drag in a Nav Mesh Bounds Volume, scale it to cover the area and build paths.