My variable, set in a first blueprint, and stored in a SaveGame, can't be recovered in a second blueprint.

Here is the problem: I have a widget blueprint called “NouvellePartieConfirmer” (NewGameConfirm in English). It’s a widget that asks the player if he wants to restart the game, and then resets the progress. Therefore, the variable “LevelsCompleted” which is in my BP_SaveGame must be set to 0, just before the new game starts. But if the player returns to the menu, his progress displayed (in another widget called “NiveauContinuer”, Level Continue in English) will be the DEFAULT value of “LevelsCompleted” (the one you set manually in the Editor): the “NiveauContinuer” Widget can’t therefore read the new value of “LevelsCompleted” from SaveGame which is 0, or the new value never was written. In fact, I use "NiveauContinuer"to display as the player progresses, his progress and the levels already achieved. I don’t understand why my variable "LevelsCompleted"can’t be modified or read… Help would be greatly appreciated, as I have to finalize my game this week! Here are screenshots I took.

Do you ever actually save game to slot? I see the load game, but no save game.

Just a tip: you don’t have to Cast to BP_SaveGame. The Save Options NPC variable is already of that type. If you hover over the blue NOTE you’ll see just that.

Okay just my opinion, as Tuerer said, "Where are you saving? You need to “On False” that a save slot is created and create one. Next, why are you setting level complete to 0? To save info pre-save slot, use the Game Instance and it will hold variables through level changes. Next, all gathered info should be sent to the variables in the game inst. on save and for loading, load the game in player BP or even Level BP from the game inst. vars. As you go, you will learn that using functions in the player BP can help a lot more with saving and load presets. Thus you just call the function you need where and when you need it. If I have confused you sorry, let me know and I will try to show you with screenshots. Cheers

ALso, I hate to sound like a marketer, but after you figure out how to save, you will see that it is tedious and takes a lot of time from game development. I suggest buying something like “Saviors Auto-Save Plugin” if you can. I use this now instead of trying to plug in all vars back and forth. I make 2 functions(very small noding) and call it in my Main menu, Pause Menu, End of level, etc. Makes saving a cinch and lets me spend more time on other things. Just a suggestion.