My uniform grid panel is squishing all it's children

I’m just switching over to Unreal after using Unity for the last three years, so forgive me if I don’t include all the information needed to help. Blueprints are still kind of weird to me and I’m not even sure if my dropbox links will work.

I have an equipment menu that is a uniform grid panel, and when you click on one of the slots, another widget appears that holds a uniform grid panel and two rows of eight slots, this is called the toolbelt. All these slots show up the proper size as set by the uniform grid panel. When you click on an empty slot in the toolbelt, it places the equipment originally clicked in that slot, but every one of the slots are suddenly half the height, but the same width. If you close the toolbelt and open it back up with the next item, all the slots are drawn properly until you click on an empty slot to place the second item in and the same glitch occurs. One thought I had was that I wasn’t clear the children of the grid panel and that an extra one was being drawn at first, so I put a clear children node before the loop to add the slots, but that didn’t change anything.

This is a step-by-step visualization of my problem

This is my blueprints

Did you figure this out? I have something similar going on and can’t figure out why the child widgets are squished.