My UDK now freezes every 4-10 seconds

It’s like windows popped out a new update in wich UDK freezes every5 10 seconds idk anyone else?

It’s not my code , because it didn’t 1 week ago it was all smooth, but now even trying my month old backups of my game it does freeze every 5-10 seconds.

Anyone else?

I haven’t experience this. I’m on windows 10.

I’ve had lots of problems related to Windows 10 updates for at least the last year. You might also have a piece of hardware that’s failing. You could try using the gameplay profiler to see where the slowdown is, but most likely you’ll just have to roll back whatever the most recent update was.

i think large amount of KActorSpawnables does the problem. Because i had 180 pawns and i had no frozen frames. Im still checking…

I had the video driver cause that. In my logs it said my gpu was timing out. 500MS . I went back to older a driver for my card and it went away.

i confirm it’s the large amount of kActorsSpawnables, somehow, well i will fix it and then it’s going to be another thing it’s magic……