my simple project crashes ue4 editor

I’ve just started playing with UE4 C++ and I set up a simple project to play with things. However, I must have done something crazy (tried to call Play() on maybe an uninitialized UAudioComponent pointer), which understandably crashes the game. What I don’t understand is that it crashes the Editor - the project now refuses to load in the Editor at all. Every time I open the project it crashes the Editor!

Is there a way to recover my project? Maybe the project is in some bad state?

If you have only just started, why not start a new project instead ? It might take far more work to figure out how to revive the other one.

@Linz while that is true for a new project you probably don’t want to do this for a large one.

I guess if you delete the Binaries folder (Unreal Projects<Project Name>\Binaries) it will ask you to compile the project the next time it is loaded (make a backup of the folder first, just in case). Of course you should have fixed the error before you compile again so you’re not getting stuck at the same point again.

Note that it may be unnecessary to delete the entire Binaries folder. It could very well be sufficient to delete the corresponding (most likely the most recent) UE4Editor-<Project Name>-<number>.dll/.pdb in Binaries\Win64 (assuming that’s your platforn). I’m using this approach when I cause something like that from hotreloading in the editor.

There may be a better way I am unfamiliar with, if so I would be eager to here it too.