My second Character does not receive Yaw/Pitch Controller inputs

Let me explain: I spawn a “twin” character in my game, but is not meant for a 2nd player (this is a single person game). Trying to feed some movement/rotations to it manually (I don’t want him/her to be an AI). I was doing this with spawning a separate playercontroller for that character (so in total 2 playercontrollers, 2 characters) and then calling the regular AddMovementInput and AddControllerYaw/Pitch Input methods. The Forward/Right/Left movements of the character are fine. However, yaw/pitch don’t work. It’s as if the controller for the second character (who is NOT me, i.e. the actual player in the game) does not pass the rotation info down to the pawn. I have tried many things, can’t get to the bottom of it. I suspect it may have to do with the camera (I think the internal architecture sets the rotation of the camera first, then rotates the pawn, then zeros out the delta rotation input, and sets the controller’s rotation to the camera’s rotation, but my second character does not have an active camera on him, so I think he always inherits zero delta rotation input…?)

Is there a way to do this while using a second, newly spawned controller, or am I better off manually setting rotations outside a controller? If the latter, then I wouldn’t even need a controller right? The rest of movement input is a pawn interface after all… no?

PS. just to note - not that it should make a huge difference I hope - that I am using derived classes of PlayerController and Character…
Also, it is supposed to be a 3rd person view type of game, and I have the camera freely rotate around the player, but the only thing I do, is I do orient rotation towards movement in the blueprint’s settings under the character’s movement component.