My request for education pack pending from long time

I have requested for education pack from github for my self. I requested on 28 Nov and still its pending and not showing any status about my request.

If some more details are needed then I am ready to provide.And I am a student.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Hi anurag,

Unfortunately Epic Games is not responsible for the distribution of the GitHub Student Developer Pack (GitHub Student Developer Pack - GitHub Education). You will need to discuss the matter with GitHub (GitHub Education - GitHub Support).

We are also eager for you to be able to start using UE4 as soon as possible!


Is there any that Epic Games will allow for another form of validation in the future? The Github Student Developer Pack has more than a two month backlog at this point (with no ETA in sight). I, like countless others, am thankful for the opportunity to use the engine freely,and it would be helpful to know if I’ll be able to make use of this offer while the ongoing project is still relevant (let alone before I graduate).

Hi ynaam,

Sorry for the delay in response. In this case I believe the best course of action would be if you could send me a message with the email address you signed up with so that I can see if we can expedite that. You can send the information to me on the forums and I’ll be able to pick it up from there privately.