My project crashes when I try to open it

I did a save all on my project when I went to re-open my project it crashes at 93%. How can I recover my game?

Hello SpineIT,

I have a couple of questions for you:

  1. What were you working on before your crashed?
  2. Do you have back-up files of your project? You can access your backup files from: (Your Project Folder > Saved > Backup)

In that folder, you can find assets for your project and you can replace what may have caused your crash with the backup!

The last thing I had worked on was a 3d widget for my interface. I did a save all and shut down. It wasn’t until a couple hours later that it started crashing. Now every time I try to open the project it errors out at 94% .

I do have the backups. But I don’t know how to open the project from one of the previous states. I don’t see any other project file besides the original.

On a side note I was able to open the same project in 4.15 instead of my original 4.14 but now all the lighting is different and I’m receiving errors on a few of the materials.

Ideally I could recover the 4.14 version, but worst case scenario I will move forward with the 4.15. At least all is not lost…lol Thank you for your help

In your Saved > Backup folder there should be saved states of your assets you have made in your project, and what time they were saved.

Locate one of your 3D widget from an earlier state and use it to replace the one currently in your project folder (not in backup) and it will be as if you restored if from a previous version.

If you are concerned about losing the one you have I recommend instead of deleting the problem asset to simply move it out of the project folder

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