My project builds suddenly crash with no errors


suddenly all builds I make of my projects crash out whn I try to run them and I can’t find any useful error messages.
This is a project which has been completely fine up until now.

I am attaching the crash logs maybe someone would be able to spot why it is no longer working?

The game runs fine in the editor.


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Hello Fredrum,

From looking at the log, the crash could be coming from something to do with one of your blueprints. The last thing listed before the log cuts off is the following:

[2016.11.01-18.27.11:116][  1]LogScript:Warning: Script call stack:
	Function /Game/Avatar/Avatar_Pawn.Avatar_Pawn_C:InpAxisEvt_MovePlatform_K2Node_InputAxisEvent_165
	Function /Game/Avatar/Avatar_Pawn.Avatar_Pawn_C:ExecuteUbergraph_Avatar_Pawn

[2016.11.01-18.27.11:121][  1]LogOutputDevice:Warning: 

Script Stack:

Which mentions that the last thing to occur was the ModifyBone function and likely led to the crash. It seems that it may be referring to something that is actually a null reference.

Unfortunately, I can’t get much from the minidump file without the source. When the crash occurs, do you get a crash report window of any sort? If so, could you copy/paste all of the details from it into a comment? If you see a message that says “You do not have the debug symbols needed to display this crash”, you can submit the crash and give me the Machine ID from the crash reporter window instead and I should be able to view the crash in our database.

Hi Matthew,

and thanks a lot for the pointers! They helped me pinpoint the problem BP node and it was indeed inside my ‘Avatar_AnBP’ animation blueprint.

I was doing something dodgy there, using a ‘Get Orientation and Position’ node inside the actual Anim Graph. I had actually written a comment on that node that I should change that particular bit.

The strange thing is it has worked fine for months up until today and now it crashes every time. I have probably made 25 test builds today with the same crash happening over and over.

Something must have changed somehow but I don’t know what. I have not updated the editor so I don’t know what could have impacted the functionality of that node?

Anyway I know what I have to do now.

Thanks a lot again!