My problems with Behavior Trees. Help/Advice appreciated.

First problem is that I can put comments on individual nodes only. No comment blocks like on Blueprints. Is this getting fixed soon? How do people comment these? All I can think of is taking a screenshot and drawing over it.

Secondly, using EQS nodes is tedious for debugging. While I can bring up the GameplayDebugger and see the tests being made by EQS, it doesn’t tell me which tests succeeded and which failed. When facing a bug with EQS, I resorted to turning off tests one-by-one until I got it to pass to find out which test was failing. Having to do this every time I see unexpected behavior is quite tedious.

Can’t reuse any parts of the BT on other trees. Copy and Paste is a problem, and adding complexity to keep all AI in one tree makes it too complicated.

I’d like to pause the game, edit a blackboard variable in the editor, and then resume. This would be awfully useful for debugging.

While parallel nodes helps with this, having two things happen at once is a problem. Say I have my spaceship decelerate while shooting, and then go into a reload. I have to choose between smoothly decelerate to zero but take 3 extra seconds doing it, or stopping abruptly and then reloading. The way BTs work, dictates how my game behaves, and makes one task affects how another can work. If I want to treat those two things separately, the solution is to do it in C++.

All-in-all I like Behavior trees, specially because they force me to keep things simple. That’s why I want to find solutions to these problems.