My possessed Character don't move

Hello guys, i’m new to Unreal Engine 4 and i’m blocking on a problem since 3 days and i hope somebody could give me an advice to resolve it.

To make it short, i want to be able to switch between characters when i click on them. To do so i used the “Possess” function.
Both of my characters are childs of a generic character blueprint where the possess code is defined.
When i click on the floor it should moves the current controlled character.

It works for the first character that i use but not the second one?
The order do not change the problem, i always manage to move the first character (either the yellow (rimeli_character) or the black one (skaya_character)) but second one won’t move when i select it.

The possess and unpossess events are correctly receivd by my characters and when i display the player controller used to move my Character it’s display my right controller.

Youtube video of the problem: - YouTube
My Blueprints (imgur album): Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I’m open to any suggestions!

Character Switch: Adding AI controller - YouTube this might help

My logic inside TopDownController BP(Player Controller). Maybe the possess doesn’t work from inside the character blueprint?