My plan to help improve Blueprint translate

I know it’s hard for Epic Games to translate Blueprint to many other languages,so I have a better plan:
Users from different contries can help localized UE4 in lots of languages.The only thing Epic Games need to do is make a form,wait for users upload their translate work.
Then what we have to do is look for the translation which has more upvote,Epic Games staff can then proofread the translate,and put it in UE4.

p.s:Sorry for my bad English.If you don’t understand what I’m talking,just check this link of Steam Translation :

I actually started working on a tool to let people create unofficial community translations as part of my last Free Friday. It’s currently on hold though while I make some localisation pipeline changes that will make it easier to do (as well as solve a lot of other localisation dashboard issues). I can’t say when it might be finished though.

Be full of grateful.