My opinion on game development.

I want to talk about how I think the industry should be based off of teaching the community and making it more readily available. I think basically that you should be able to download blank project files with content templates with step by step tutorials on how to make said content.

It’s just going to be a big pastebin. The pastebin is trying to point out how whack it is that you can’t learn how to learn a game from scratch “step by step”.

I’m just developing my “stance” on game development. Basically… I want to be successful… a multi-millionaire. When I start working on what I want to work on… I want to actually produce something in a reasonable amount of man hours… not next century. And I think the notion that it takes huge teams to make games is ridiculous… and I think me disproving that will make me famous one day. I don’t even believe that humans make video games… I think it was all done by higher forms of intelligence.

I also do not think you need huge teams, it is the most aggravating things I read on these type of forums is if your game is to big “you need a team fo 300” with all the tools and plugins, and addons now a days it should be easy for a 1 or 2 man team to produce a nice size game in a reasonable amount of time giving the know how is there. But you can not tell people what to think I just think it is counter productive to pretty much tell people that cant do something. or it would be almost impossible.

So to put it in a few words you are dissappointed that you have to work and learn to create a project and you want a 1click do everything for me solution?

I am all for an inclusive community, being supportive and helpful, but I won’t sugar coat it - this thread is hella stupid.

Ok so after reading your entire paste bin I will say this and make a few points

1.I agree there should be better tutorials as there is minor things thats hard to learn because there is no real structure to learning and a structured learnng path is much better then just learn what you can when you can. with that being said here is

  1. it seems like you want someone to make your game for you, no one is going to do that bro. EVERYONE has great ideas, it is about making your idea a reality that seperates dreamers from do’ers.

3.I still think people are to negative about what people are capable of, especially small teams.

  1. yeah bro stop wanting people to make your game no one will. there is plenty of people here who will help you in a second if you ask questions.

It comes across that I want people to make my game for me(which I do)… but I want the focus to be that there should be “blank games”.

Sounds to me that you’re just bitter you cant learn to code. Contrary to what you think it’s actually really easy.

“Blank games” are a stupid concept too unless you want to make games at the complexity level of tetris and even then it’s a stretch.

Look, bottom line is, you sound like you’re 12. If that’s the case, good news - things will work out in time! If you wrote this and you’re older than 18, then I am sorry this probably isn’t the industry for you.

Don’t be that harsh on him!

Nah, you could make templates for all kinds of games… not just tetris lol.

What you’re basically asking for a plug-n-play templatization of, well, going by your pastebin, an MMO.

Let’s cover some statements of your pastebin:

“I think content creation should be limitless(that’s my main point).”
- It is. The tools we have available today are mind bending.

“After the templates were made, you could make new hierarchies. You would just need to edit the templates a little and combine them correctly.”
- This is what OOP is for. What you are asking for is the hardest part of the programming to be done for you. You start with a very basic base, and extend. The better you are at planning and design, the easier the transition, and the less likely you are to run into core rewrites.

“The problem is… I’m never going to learn to program games. The reason I’m never going to learn is because I would need someone to show me exactly how to do what I want to do step by step from scratch.”
- This is called spoon-feeding, and good programmers are not into that. No one is going to make a tutorial on how to make a very specific kind of game, unless it is very simple. Once you understand the basics of programming, it gets allot easier.

“I’m too stupid and unmotivated to learn on my own.”
- Unwarranted self-loathing. No one is “to stupid” to learn blueprints, being lazy is a state of mind. If you want it bad enough, you learn.

“I have never wasted my time attempting to learn game development… while as I’m sure other people have.”
- This is a hugely massive insult to nearly the entire userbase here. What I know wasn’t gifted to me, nor was it a waste of time. It was a concentrated effort to learn many skills (and I’m still learning).

“Someone teaching you how to do something “step by step” by simply explaining something to you is far more valuable and easy then learning on your own…”
- Figuring it out on your own is the only way to make it stick. As programmers, we live for the “aha” moment.

“I’m sure there are tons of people who have been so called “learning” for years and can’t produce anything at all.”
- Different people have different learning styles. If you aren’t improving, try a different approach.

“My main belief is that I think people should make content from templates… provided someone else would make the templates and show you how to make content with them.”
- PARADOX, if everyone made everything from templates. Who are the template makers?

“And I don’t think the construction of these templates would take a long time either.”
- Yes they do, it’s the base of a game. Longer actually, they need to have documentation and be easily extendable to people outside of the original development cone.

“2000 total hours from an individual not a team is plenty of time to create an MMO worthy of playing.”
- Yeah, if that MMO is a MUD.

“Everyone on the internet says making an MMO requires a large team. But I believe taking a multiplayer FPS and adding MMO features(equipment, leveling etc) then making it run on a larger server and connect to more clients and save their progress is possible for an individual.”
**- An MMO does require a signifigant team. You are forgetting about:
*GM (Game Master) Moderation
*Updates (Client Side)
*Updates (Server Side)
*Updates for the updater.
*Story Artist
*CPAs (Gotta be bringing in money to keep those servers running, they eat a huge amount of bandwith.)
*Website Moderation
Database Moderation (Yes, this takes a whole other team.)
and more, and more, and more

“I think it would be cool if companies would put together blank games complete with tutorial videos. These blank games would be project files with templates inside of them. The tutorials would teach you how to make content from the templates. The companies would have to figure out how to build the mechanics for the game… and construct the templates too.”
**-For an MMO? No, that takes a massive amount of time to lay out a bug free, reasonably secure, extendable, documented, base. Even for the simplest games, it would at least, take a few dozen hours. **

“Once the architecture for the whole game is explained in tutorial format with a blank project file ready to be distributed, launched, and updated… it should be very easy to add content.”
- Content, while extremely difficult to create (it takes me hours just to draw up the CONCEPT ART), is not your biggest worry. It is the BARRAGE of system specific patches you will be doing to placate angry customers.

“But everyone says that multiplayer is amazingly complex. If I already know how to code a character shooting projectiles… then what is so amazingly complex about doing this on a server? It is such bullcrap that no matter what your idea is, even if its ridiculously simple, the people on the forums lie that its “complex” just because its multiplayer. I’m sure they could tell you in 20 minutes how to make a simple server.”
- Do you know how the internet works? How old are you? No one here is lying, multiplayer games are intense to create and manage. Are you familiar with the term replication? Packet loss? Packet encryption?

“Who would want to work in this field if even a professional who is supposed to know exactly what he’s doing can’t even put together a simple MMO like two paragraphs ago?”
- Most people don’t make it in this field. Work long enough in it, and you get to know everyone.

“You can not download a blank MMO project with step by step instructions on how to make content. Its unfortunate that evidently there is no one smart enough to make “blank MMOs”.”
- Again, insulting the user-base. I’m beginning to think you’re a kid mad at a system that doesn’t exist.
These are probably more to your style:

Normally I am not this acidic, but you simultaneously called artist, content creators, market place curators, modelers, animators, and programmers everything from arrogant liars to stupid in one swoop.

If you need help, we’re here to help, but we’re not going to spoon feed you when Epic practically already is.

Thanks for reading everything and replying so formally… I hope you don’t think I’m a jerk.

I think you’re someone new that took a shot at creating an MMO for their first game and hit a brick wall at 100Kph. Now you’re frustrated and aiming it at the wrong people. If you want to create an MMO, there is nothing in the world stopping you. We are so lucky to have such a wide choice of engines available. We are spoiled for choice.

Learn. Start now.

Khan Academy - Math
Python - Create Pacman & Tetris (Anyone can program, it’s finishing a project that separates programmers from devs.)
Then Unreal - Create your own game of some sort, you’ll come up with an idea, we all have a million. Do your own models, textures, everything. They are going to suck, but you need to learn the pipeline.
Unreal Again - Now network it.

Then you will be ready to tackle the starts of an MMO. You will need to pour your own time, money, and expertise into gathering a motivated team to help you. One polished model can take you a month or better to create. That’s ONE model. You start with programmer’s art (**** art for placeholder) and then try to build a nice enough prototype to warrant funding and help.

Keep on top of your math skills, they are going to be your tool of trade.

Game development is masochistic, in a fun way, if that makes any sense.

I never attempted to learn anything… not once. I figure… any effort not spent is potentially wasted… but every effort wasted is most definitely wasted.

Every effort is a learning experience, every experience not learning is wasted.

I am not that optimistic sir… nor do I believe that some people don’t not have limitations…

To, “The Britain”
You are great dude. Such patience, and point-on advice. One of the reasons I love this forum.

To, “Omynys”
What your dreams are and what you can do, right now, may be far apart. But keep at it. Work on it everyday.
You’ll get there. It takes time. And don’t believe this about yourself, “I’m too stupid and unmotivated to learn on my own.”
You wrote quite a bit in that PasteBin article that was smart and inciteful, such as: “perhaps I could start learning a little bit with Rhino and Blender and Photoshop and the “Shooter Game” from Unreal.”
Yes! Do that. You can do it!

I’ve warned you before, if you want to add on to those topics then use the thread you started before.