my new version of unreal engine 5 have a crash when start. What i have to do?

Hey there @Victorpro170407! Welcome to the community! So we’re going to need a little mor information on the crash. You should be able to see a crash reporter that pops up, it usually has some code inside of it pointing to what caused the issue. I’ll include a video with some good tips on how to handle some bugs and ask a couple questions to help identify the issue.

Is this occurring for all versions of the engine or just 5.03?

Could you reach in your project folder and grab us the crash logs? They will help determine what went on.

If it was the engine failing before opening a project, you’ll have to find the logs in the UE install location.

You may need to enable editor symbols if the logs are unreadable, the video below goes over this.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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