My mesh is see-throu :(

I am using a mesh with no thickness to be the frabric-roof above the windows (see image please). But as you can see, while looked at from above the top side is see-throu :frowning:
Is there a way to fix that with the materials?
Or do I need to give it some thickness?

Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile:


Check 2 sided on your material.

You can enable 2 sided as Zoombapup suggested, or model an exterior. The latter may be more suitable if you are expecting to view this house from the outside.

Great to know one can create 2 sided materials!
Thank you both for your kind replies guys :slight_smile:
SE_JonF Thank you for the suggestion about modeling the exterior too, I will then.


make sure your polygon normals are facing the correct direction, and are unified, before using a more expensive 2-sided shader.

Anytime Rush7874! Let us know if you have any more questions. =)

knpc, would you say double-sided mats are more expensive than polygons? If so then I’ll do as SE_JonF advised and make the other side of the obj.

Thanks SE_JonF, you guys know how to make some one feel welcome! :slight_smile:


Materials in general is more expensive than polygons but if your going to be able to see through a window, for example, and see the back face you might as well use 2 sided.

Ok. Thanks FrankieV :slight_smile: