My marketplace turned into Euro instead of Dollars

Hello folks,

My Marketplace content now is showed into Euro, not dollars… How to make it back into dollars? Don’t like it that way.

Hey Safrios,

One of the moderators here asked this question on AnswerHub, I would keep an eye on it to see if it gets answered soon. Here is the link:


Will, keep watching it

Yes and the conversion value isn’t fair, example:
Item “675 Handpainted Sprites Pack” 100$ to 89.69€ and the true conversion today is 100$ = 81.39€ (and with Euro - Dollar drop)

Yeah you’re right -.-’ in my country we don’t even use Euro, so it’s kinda lame…

Also the prices are higher, that leaves unpleasant feeling :frowning:

Do you update UE ? Which version you are currently using now?

Yeah, I’ve turned it off and on few times 1.9.2 if that’s the ver

Not fixed yet? :frowning:

Everything back to normal! =) Thanks!!!

Everybody, please check back and let us know if it is fixed now. We believe we have located and rectified the problem.