My linux game stops responding

I compiled the editor from source and installed the cross compiler . The problem is that my game as well as tappy chicken stop responding or show only black screens when I test them in linux. Is it my linux build or is it my compiling or my game.

I made a post about it here but nobody answered.

I am running 4.6.1 on windows 8.1 and packing on windows.

My game starts with and empty level and does nothing and is responding at this time it should not read or write anything

If I press a key and spawn widgets , the game becomes not-responding.

If I try to create a save game, the game becomes not-responding.

on the title screen it says GLSL_150

glxinfo | grep “OpenGL version”

3.0 mesa 10.3.0

when I launch via the terminal:

Using binned
FMallocCrash overhead is 3780608 bytes
4.6.1-0+UE4 7038 3077 412 0

my Linux setup is

14.04 LTS with no swap file(drive?) 8GB ram intlel i3 with gpu HD4400

I can provide a steam key for testing

Also a previous build (current steam build) becomes not responding when [remove from parent] was used to close a widget ( the game is starting with beginplay>create windget> addtoviewport )

Hi Midnight640,

Please keep in mind that we have a lot of content that we assist with and that it may take time for one of us to get you. At times this can take several days. Having said that, I have moved your answerhub post to the bug reports section of the answerhub and have assigned a member of our support staff to it. Any time you have a bug please post it in the bug reports section as we prioritize bug reports, installation/setup, and packaging over other sections.