my laptop specification is intel i3 processor speed 1.7ghz and my graphics is geforce 820m with directx 11 and my ram is 4gb..but some time i got a pop up message out of memory while using ue4? If i increase my ram to 8gb it will be helpfull to run ue4?

What can I do know?


You sir need a better video card.
Here is your card compared in a top 10 list with the the top used video cards. both performance and value

And here is one for your Processor…

You need an upgraded video card STAT… you can buy that card for 30 dollars right now.
8gigs or ram is pretty standard… 16 is luxurious… and 32 is unnecessary right now.

Here is mine… with 16gigs… and i can sill make mine lag out pretty easily…
Modeling and developing is hardware intensive… if you want to do it right… get the good stuff.