My goal is to store/save user input text based answers into an excel spreadsheet? I want the data FROM the data table to populate in Excel

Greetings Unreal community,

My question is in regards to a project I have been working on for quite a while it seems. I am almost done, I just need to finalize one game mechanic to finish. As of now, I have a widget dialogue system where the player can input text as answers to a questionnaire.

My goal is to store/save those text based answers into an excel spreadsheet. The answers will be analyzed and coded later as apart of another project. But first I need to collect the data. Having the data populate into Excel FROM Unreal would be extremely convenient.

If not possible, I am very open to any alternatives ways of getting the player input text from the widget and into the spreadsheet. I am 100% Blueprint so far.

I have seen various tutorials on how to transfer .csv data, but not the opposite and I cant figure out how to reverse engineer the process.

I tried searching for similar questions and found this: Is there a way to export all text to csv or excel? - UI - Epic Developer Community Forums
It’s not really what I’m asking.

Would it be possible for the player to save game (text input) and have the text they typed become a save file inside of a spreadsheet?

Hey there! How did you go did you get it done? I have to create something the same, would be great to know how you did it!