My first game and experiences with UE4 - Thanks Epic :)

Hi everybody. First, Thanks to all epic family :slight_smile: I released my first game in to play store. It is a different endless runner. 60 MB package size. 4 characters. 4 spaceships. Different character textures etc.

Game name is “Jitter Runner”
Link: Jitter Runner

It is my first experience with UE4 and it has been nearly 7 months. Learned a alot of things about UE4.
Mobile development is a little different than PC development. Becouse some features (like destructible meshes) is not working on mobile.

Here is something which wont work with mobile.(will update if i remember.)

-> Destructible meshes.(it would be a really nice feature.)
-> Ray casting.
-> Dynamic spline mesh collision.
-> Reflection capture (Can use to create 3d sky)

And here is something what i have tried in this game.
-> All materials are unlit and opaque.
-> if a there is tiling textures used costumized UVs.
-> There is no light.
-> Mobile HDR is disabled. (Performance really increasing. and game size is decreasing.)
-> Didnt use any post proccessing.
-> Basic physics are working.
-> Ragdoll is working.
-> AI is working.
-> Frame rate is smooth.
-> All meshes are low poly.
-> Used LOD culling distance in actor blueprint. (really really increasing FPS)
-> Have played in project settings many times and reduced apk size.
-> Mali 400 devices have some problems. (Low Fps and render problem, playstore service -leaderboard or achievemnts- crashes the game ads are working nice.),
-> Quit game will not quit game on android devices.

I will update if i remember any other things.

i will inform epic games about release in next days. Sorry for poor english. Thanks.

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Also I changed the IP

Yep the application name is important. I learned that lately. So i have changed the name “Jitter Runner” and this name is unique.