My enemyAI is acting weird. Please Help!

Ive been working on a project but I really can’t seem to find the problem that’s causing this
at first I tried on newest version which was 4.26 and reached at this same point where he does this weird thing when he roams around… so I tried it on 4.25.4 the reason why I went back is because I was working on this in a Laptop at first Windows10 and it was on 4.25.4 and I did not get this problem the reason why I switched to go on my iMac was because its specs were better than my Laptop and it works faster when I save etc.

So my guess would be the UE on Macs??
Please Help

What is your acceptance radius? If it’s very low the AI might struggle to reach the exact point resulting in such a jerky movement.

Well I just played around with the acceptance radius it was on 70 first moved it up to 90 and 100 even it gave me the same result