My doors don't get rendered?

For rendering Imean the baked lights, why my doors material do not get same aspect as my walls?
I have used the same material of wall on the meshes … I created those meshes inside the blueprint for doors and put inside there, then I cloned around those doors blueprints but for some reason they do not get light baked over?

Any idea why?

Any solutions?

Could be something with the light map resolution or the second UV-channel. I also had this problem when applying “uniform scale” with more than 1.0 when importing the mesh. I am not an expert but playing around with these settings solved my problem.

Are your Doors set to static ? Are you using Static or stationary light ?

I am using non stationary couse the doors open and close .

By non-stationary I assume you mean the mesh is movable. In that case it does not bake lighting as it’s a dynamic rendered object. Baked lighting only works on objects that don’t move as a static object

@Naiiima You can read more about lighting here: Lighting the Environment | Unreal Engine Documentation

So normally you would use a stationary light in that case.

Also, it is possible to force static (baked lightmaps) on moveable meshes. You would just need to set the lightmap type from “Default” to “Force Surface” but keep in mind that your shadows on that mesh won’t be dynamic then.