My Credit Card Got Hacked

I just want to start off and say I’m not pointing any fingers at Epic.

So today my wife goes to buy a pizza, and my account is in the negative. I thought “Hey I had 50 bucks in there ever since I ordered Unreal Engine.” So I lookup my account online, and it was billed by some company “Netcash” for the amount of 49.95. I just re-installed windows the day before UE4 came out and I haven’t hardly even been to any other sites, much less used my card on them.

Anyway, again, this isn’t an “Epic got me hacked” thread, the attack vector used could have been anything but through Epic’s servers, but I just thought I’d bring it up in-case I’m not the only one. I honestly hope I am, that would be an ugly stain if Epic’s system was compromised on/near launch day.

Anyway no worries, pretty sure it’s gonna get knocked off my charges list.

We are very sorry to hear you have had a fraudulent charge on your payment card. It sounds like you have already contacted your issuing bank; but just in case if you have not, we recommend that you contact your issuing bank immediately. We are investigating your account for any suspicious activity and will contact you if we find anything. Charges from Epic will show our company name on your payment card statement - Epic Games * UE - USD for transactions in USD and Epic Games * UE - EUR for transactions in EUROs. We do not store your payment card information in our systems; your payment card information is stored by Chase Paymentech, a PCI level 1 compliant processor (also the world’s largest processor of payment card transactions). We also use a secured communication channel with Chase Paymentech for any payment card transactions. We take yours and our security very seriously and constantly monitor any possible security issues. Thank you very much for letting us know and thank you for sharing with the Unreal developer community for extra diligence.