My Character Won't Follow my Mouse

Hi, I’m recreating the top down C++ example project using C++. I’ve recreated the code for the character and the controller component but my character won’t respond to the navigating mouse control. I’ve set up the action mapping in the project settings and when I use breakpoints I do find the the controls can find the character in code but my character won’t respond to the navigation movement or any movement of any kind. I’m not sure how to fix the issue given that the code is exactly the same and the required actions are mapped to the project. I’d appreciate any assistance in this matter if anyone has experienced the same problem.


Is your character a cat? if so try using a live mouse or a laser pointer.

Jokes aside you should use Axis event instead of action for movement input.

I have tried that but it doesn’t work. The code is exactly the same as the example project but my character wont move towards the given location.

Can you post some code? or short video?

So you recreated the character, player controller and are the same as the c++ template?

yes it is exactly the same. the only thing different is that I’m using the HeroTPP model used for the first person shooter example project. but even though iv tried using the original model the character still won’t move.

So it turns out what was missing from the project was the nav mesh bounds volume. Iv included it now into the project and the character now responds to my mouse commands. Iv tried including it into my visual studio project and despite successfully being included into the project it does fail to hot rebuild and compile. Has anyone else experienced this issue?