My Character look at other characters/actors/objects, Help me please

Hello, I am trying to get my player avatar look at different objects / actors and npcs.

I followed this tutorial:

I didn´t found any other related info, and the tutorial only explains how to make copies of my player avatar (non-controllable) that look at him.

It is being a pain, I tried almost everything and I cannot find a solution.
Blueprints Image:
Animation Blueprint - Anim Graph:

Animation Blueprint - Event Graph

Turn Head - Event Graph:

If there is someone that could help me on this, I would really appreciate it.

Somebody could help me?

Greetings and thank you.

After spinning around and not finding a solution for this matter, I thought of simplifying the concept, so it was the object the one which told the Player the order to look at it.

In the object’s BP I created a trigger, in order to make it move its head and look at it in case of a collision with the player. But even trying this I can’t get it done.

Here you can check the image of the object’s BP, in case anyone can see something to add/modify.
Character Anim BP

Object BP:

Kind regards