My character is tranparent

Hello i am a newbie now i am making a project for my school and i wana make a game. So i was using Adobe/mixamo fuse to create a character and i succeeded to import it. but my character quality has changed and there are some problems. so heres what was and what is before and after importing my character.

before importing

after importing

Please lemme know what i am doing wrong. :frowning:
i want it be good right. :smiley:

Hey there,

What you’re going to want to do is open each of the materials that are on your character, and in each one, click on the empty graph (or the main material node) and click the “Blend Mode” drop down box. From the drop down, set the blend mode to “opaque” instead of “translucent.” See the image below for reference. This should solve your problem.

ok checking if that works

Btw thanks for that fast reply and help i think thats where the prob is.

YESS IT WORKED thanks bro for helping me :slight_smile:

I wish there was a thumbs up in the comment section xD