My Character falls through landscape (After OpenLevel function)

I have new C++ project that contains 2 levels

  1. Level with a menu. (see menuWidget, MenuEvents screenshots)
  2. Default level for empty project. (Lightning, Plane)

GameMode,Character are c++ classes

If i start game on second level, all works correct.
But if i start game on first level (and click Start button), second level is loaded, but my character falls down. No matter colission settings. (see CollisionPlane and CollisionPlayer screenshot)
Also i’ve added a Blocking Volume, but this volume also doesn’t block my Character

I tried add a menu to 2 base project( TopDown and third Person) and character has been falling

Hello Neuromantik,

I had the same problem. With help of the german community I found the issue. In my case it was because I set the input mode to Game and Ui only, so in the background the playercharacter got input, although the level wasn’t load yet. In the worst case the character began the play standing inside the landscape and when I loaded the level the character was falling through it.
Set the input game mode to UI only and when you loaded the level set the input game mode to Game only, or Ui and Game mode only, how you need it.

I hope I could help and wish you best luck

with regards Mac Armand