My Account Got Perma Banned for violent threats that I didn't make???

My Account L04D3D got banned for violent threats that I did not make!!! I suspect foul play!!! VictorLerp was the name of the mod that banned me. The last comment i made on the forums was in response to another dev who complimented my work, we were talking about cool possibilities for rewinding time in fighting scenarios… Hopefully this wasn’t an epic misunderstanding, otherwise my account has been hacked, because I have never ever violently threatened anybody on these forums. Please reinstate my old account, thank you!

Here is a few things you need to consider

First @VictorLerp Is one of the best staff that unreal has atm. (we miss alex) Victor is NOT going to ban you without probable cause.

second, access to your account. NEVER allow anyone to use your account as they can (TROLL) and get you banned. NEVER leave your computer signed in unless you are at it to stop your friends doing stupid things.

third and most importaint this is not the right place to ask about bans etc I suggest following the steps below to secure your account first.
then goto

fill it out and wait for a reply.
What do I do if my account is compromised? If you think your account was compromised, complete these steps as soon as you can to secure it:

  1. Change your password.
  2. Verify your email address.
  3. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account. an extra level of security.

We recommend you take these additional steps to protect your account from being compromised in the future:

  1. Secure your email address through your email provider.
  2. Enable 2FA on any third-party accounts that you have linked to your Epic Games account, such as Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Facebook or Google.
  3. Read this article about additional steps to protect your Epic Games account.