my 3rd person test Windows Build was almost 1gb?! (how to make very small builds?)

Hi everyone,

So I’m super new to Unreal 4. I’ve been following the great video tutorials. I’ve done around 50 video tutorials or so. I’m not new to game development in general, just Unreal 4 and blueprints.

I thought after doing a number of these that I would share my progress in the form of a pc game i could share with my development partner (real coder) to show him what I’m doing with U4 and blueprints.

I went to compile and omg… besides the fact that the build must have taking i dunno maybe an hour or so… the game folder was almost 1gb in size. This seems incredibly bloated for a game where a guy is jumping around in a un-textured box room.

So what is the deal? how small can an Unreal 4 game actually be? I’m interested in doing simple causal games to start out. I realize that I included the starter content and that probably accounts for some bloat, but i figured that still this overall demo level I’ve been building with it isn’t all that much stuff…


-delete the starter content + everything that you dont use/need
-which assets do you use? (high poly, 4k textures,…) :slight_smile:
-which version do you use?

My lowest package size that I reached was 64mb

@fighter5347 deleting everything i don’t use is a scarey proposition since i really don’t know what does / doesn’t matter… any advice for “the usual suspects”? that might be where large amounts of unimportant stuff? I’ll definitely experiment though. I would just think that Unreal would ideally ignore anything not being referenced… like many of the things in the starter pack.

your other questions:

  • textures and such? i don’t know… i’m just grabbing stuff from the starter content… i’m on a 2011 macbook pro (running windows 8 via bootcamp) and overall things run well in bootcamp… sadly OSX’s version

  • i’m running 4.7.6 (the latest i know of) currently.

What about the long compiles? it seems like making a game like say… that flappy bird project shouldn’t take 30min to compile… are there things that can be turned off that might be overkill when it’s time to make a build? I guess Unreal has pretty good in-engine previewing so it’s less vital to do lots of builds, but I’m just used to being able to kick out IPA’s and APK’s from Construct 2 / XDK… that process typically takes about 5min waiting for builds to compile on remote servers to download, etc… but I realize that’s all HTML5 stuff… not Unreal. :slight_smile:

64mb is better… but at some point i’ll have to try out that tappy chicken example because hyper casual games (like flappy bird) need to be in the 2mb range… for quick / accessible download times… i’m just wondering if Unreal can get that small.