Mutiple static actors rotated as one

Hi all,

i`ll try to ask as compact as i can :slight_smile:

the idea: the setup of the game is basically like those wooden mazes
where you have to axis of rotation and a board with a marble…

My board shall not be one bit mesh but a combination of objects (Static Meshes?) - each level would be another combination of meshes - some would even be a combination of dynamic and static objects - like a seesaw on the board for example. Some should also have logic inside them like checking collisions and do something then.

So my problems are:

  1. How to combine or build those combination of meshes for each level. I thought about making a blueprint StaticMeshComponent subclass and place other Static Meshes inside of them - but how do i prevent that all of those meshes stick together and don`t push each other apart?

How do i setup those physics bodies inside my board so that only my marble collides and they stick together - i tried “Block All But Dynamic” but then if it is one mesh it floats away and if it is a combination the are pushed away from each other. All those meshes/actors should act as one solid plattform but each with it`s own damping and the like. Dynamic objects connected to those via joints for example should of course stil work as dynamic objects.

  1. How do i set this all up so that i still can rotate this one big combination of multiple objects bulding my board so that i can rotate it around as one?

I tried alot but i think a am missing some basic concepts in unreal. In SceneKit for example i can make a physics body a child of another physics body and then they automatically won`t push away each other - also there is a type of physics body which lets other things collide but is not affected by other physics while i can still rotate it programatically.

I hope someone can help me out :slight_smile:

With best regards,

Ok i found out what my basic problem was. In my test level i obviously experimented too much :wink: Core problem was that i always tried to rotate Actors and not their StaticMeshes - So now i have an StaticMesh Blueprint Actor and place Sub-StaticMeshActors and can rotate them as one as planned.