Music and Sound Effects

Hi everyone. I’ve been playing Unreal since UT99 on the Dreamcast ~ 2001 and I always thought the game and its music was rather awesome. I’ve been doing some synthesizer work myself and I feel like I want to influence the soundtrack somehow. I know Alexander Brandon is on board for the music, but I know that I would love to influence the sound effects or music in some way. For now I have pieces that aren’t finished; however, they work as tests based on my own tastes and influences. These include Kelly Bailey, Kenji Yamamoto, and Alexander Brandon.

Some of these pieces are quirky, but they have potential. These pieces are mostly leaning on the influences of Kelly Bailey and Yamamoto.

Synthony: (Some notes that are in disharmony because they will be added elsewhere later).

Stress Pulse (Named after the Wave Equation:!128&authkey=!AMDYvPPjTEEMbMk&ithint=file%2Cmp3

and this (Flux Shift):!131&authkey=!ABSnyOUegllJHmM&ithint=file%2Cmp3

Tell me what you guys think.