Museum of museums.

Dear Unreal Engine.

I want to thank you for the wonderful work you have done. The coming of Unreal 5 is promising to be a God send to a personal project of mine. This project was started long before the pandemic, but it showed how much we need this tool. I am creating an accurate museum, actually an arena of museum doors than open to entire museums and ancient environments. To walk through the streets of Pompeii, to visit the museum of natural history in New York or London. This environment you have created with Unreal Engine allows my visitors to study and interact with artifacts in a manner they could never hope to do before. Also, the museums could put out more exhibits, not limited to the real estate they currently own. So much is in storage that no one will ever see, but I hope to change that. Also, so much history is in private collections that can be 3D scanned, Using an MRI, CT, or other scanning technologies. Visit the bottom of the Black sea and visit all the shipwrecks that was recently scanned.
MRI, and CT scans are can show the inside of bones and show how fast an animal grows. The Aztec death whistle is an item that can only be seen from behind glass, but in this museum, you can download it, 3D print it yourself or have it printed and shipped to you. Now you can actually hear what that sounded like. This is only one example of the lever of intractability.
I started this project to save a native American artifact. It sits in a private ownership, not in a collection and had been vandalized. I purchased the most expensive 3D scanner I could afford and scanned the ceremonial alter stone with its two faces carved into it. Now if it is lost, we still have the scan. I found other scans archaeologists have done that were in areas hit by war, and the artifacts are no longer in existence. A palace in Sweden had a fire and lost so much artwork, some of the only surviving work of these artists, now gone. To walk that palace again and see the artwork. Thankfully a photographer made a book of the palace and his photos are all that is left, but with that and your software we could walk that palace again.
First the software must be free to download and use.
It should be available all over the world and work on a variety of platforms making it accessible for all. Now it will not matter if you can not afford to travel or your disability prevents you from seeing these wonders.
All signs, and narrations are in the language of the visitor.
It needs to be able to be censored by the individual, the school, the state, and the country that it is being used in. This may be as simple as swapping exhibits. A single exhibit may be in multiple museums. If it cannot be censored, it will be blocked by countries and organizations. It is better to learn a little then nothing at all.
The avatar of the visitor will be as close to the actual proportions as posable. That includes prosthetics and wheelchairs. I want it to be from the individual’s point of view. Though they could have fun with it and say they are only three inches tall and run around the museum like the tiny characters in night at the museum movie or be a giant. Every time we see things from a different point of view, we always learn something. But I do want to show from their individual point of view, so they will truly see the exhibits as if they were there.
Quest based. Teachers can create their own as homework assignments for students. There are several with rewards. Students will be able to capture information from the exhibit’s photos and more, then it will help comprise a report. This is not just for students but can be used for academics, scientists, and everyday people that are curious. The quests are designed to keep people engaged and help hold their interest.
Since this is not just for entertainment, a method of downloading full resolution of an exhibit. Contract of use, and proper exchange of royalties.
The ability to purchase items from within the game environment, at least to the point of filling a shopping cart, the rest can be handled by a company such as Amazon, to proses payment, handle shipping, and process downloads.
Other revenue can be generated by advertisement. These are not the annoying popups we are so familiar with. Things like a well placed can of soda being drank by an NPC, A soda machine, posters and videos on the walls. These advertisements are exhibits and can be a part of an advertising museum for the education of advertising and marketing studies.
Sorry my mind wonders a bit. But I did not want you to think that there is no revenue coming in, and this is not intended to be a machine to print money. It is intended to be able to fund itself. Tools are free for the museums to modify their own exhibits and Museums within this environment
Mind you that some items are free to download up to a certain resolution, and others may be totally free. The Aztec death whistle is an item that can only be seen from behind glass, but in this museum you can download it, 3D print it yourself or have it printed and shipped to you. Now you can actually hear what that sounded like. This is only one example of the level of intractability.
I knew the project was far too big for myself, but I thought I could get more people and companies involved. In the end I want it to grow on its own. I even started setting up a museum that is a hall of fame of all the people and companies that contributed. I had a few setbacks. A computer died, then a visit to the hospital for my heart and a stoke. I was just learning how to work blender and unreal engine and now I must start all over. I simply cannot stop. The artifacts I am trying to keep from disappearing forever are still disappearing. For this I keep striving.
If you know of artists that would like to work on this project. If you have any ideas that could help, I would be interested in hearing them. Without help I am afraid this project will wither and die with me, but with help it could grow to encompass every museum art gallery, and ancient cities, and wonders of the world. You have created the perfect tool to make such a thing posable and for this I thank you.

Horus R. IceRaven.