Multple actors following a spline problem.


I am trying to make multiple actors follow a spline. I have an actor BP that has a simple box volume and a spline, when an actor enters the volume it moves the actor along the spline. (The actor always enters the volume at the start of the spline). This works fine with a single actor, or if the proceeding actor has not entered the box volume before the actor has completed (exited). I cant seem to find a way to have multiple actors on the same spline.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Trouble is that you have only one timeline for all your actors which can’t fire more than once at a time. Only an idea but i would try to create a custom event in each actor (need to be a blueprint) with its own timeline and call this custom event from loop output to replace the timeline.

Thanks for the reply.
I did not really want to adopt it that way if possible. The application is for a conveyor, I would like to place various conveyor sections around my map creating different routes. This BP is just for a sweeping turn through 90 degree, the straight sections I am happy with and work as desired (

Maybe I can create this another way ?

Have you try to attach detach then instead of timeline spline ?

Thanks again for reply, I have had a search around and cant find any example’s on how to do that. (Still learning I’m afraid) I can move the actor to the start of the spline but not sure how to move it around the spline ?