MultiTrace Availble climb points


For my climbing system i want to trace a detailed wall for points availble to climb on. So far ive been using SweepMultiByObjectType that gives me a nice array with points.

The problem is that when the wall is made from only 1 mesh (like caves, rocks etc) SweepMultiByObjectType does not give me all the points
So i thought using SweepMultiByChannel, but it only returns one point.

How can i trace for multiple points on 1 object?

You can’t.
Sweep Multi:s will return all objects of that channel/object type. If you only have a single object, there’s only that object to be caught in the sweep.

If your wall is procedural you’re gonna have to make some algorithm that creates points at a fair distance from each other.
Otherwise, mark the climbable points beforehand on the wall.

Then make the points respond to a certain channel / give them the object type that responds to the sweep.