MultiSphereTraceByChannel doesn't detect all foliages instances

I’ve created a blueprint that inherits from FoliageInstancedMeshComponent and I use it in my foliage tool.

I try to bend foliage when the character or any object goes in it but I discovered something like a bug in the foliage tool or in the MultiSphereTraceByChannel that keeps the trace to detect all foliage instances in my level.

Here’s a screenshot of what happen, and another with the blueprint’s nodes I placed in the ThirdPersonCharacter for bending foliage.

I would appreciate any kind of help to resolve this situation if it’s not a bug, thank you.

Hello Ryokath,

It looks like you’re using a custom collision channel “Foliage” (this is good)

Did you set up this channel as Overlap or Block?


I’ve done my tests in both channels to see if it would make any difference and the problem is still the same.

On the picture representing the Blueprint i’ve initially set the branch next to the break hit result to Blocking hit with the same result as the first picture, I forgot to mention it.