Multiquestion - reflections, second view on monitor and steamvr

Q1: In my game, the player can pause the game and bring up an options menu that can adjust a few things and quit to main menu. It seems that the reflections look really bad, and start acting wierd when the game is paused. It seems like the reflections arent updating, but are still tied to the movement of the HMD. The menu itself has some reflection on it, so all of it combined is a bit disorienting. It also doesnt help my reflections arent set up right anyways, as they seem to be reflected right at the middle of the screen. So projectiles coming towards me, looks like there’s a mirror image on the bottom half of the screen… Any ideas of how to fix this?

Q2: I’d like, if possible, to have a different view point displayed on the monitor. One that isnt tied to the HMD, a spectator camera. I did a little bit of research and it seems ue4 doesnt support this :frowning:

Q3: Is it possible to use the controller meshes specified inside steamvr? In steamvr, you can download custom controllers while browsing steam, such as a banana, or a bloody white controller…