Multiplying for an increasing variable?

I was wondering lets say “Variable A” is strength, and for every 1 point of “Variable B” is +5 or *5, how would I do that? Right now as it stands I am cascading branches if 1 then this, if 2 then this, if 3 then this etc.

Uhrm… like… A = 5 * B ?..

like for every 1 point of B add 5 more to A they way I have it right now is if B=1 A=2, if B=2 A=4, but instead of branching with every point. so essentially every +1 to B will + or * A. What I’m trying to do is an upgrade system, and have the “health upgrade level” and if it =1 then health =110 if 2 health =120 and so forth with a bunch of cascading branches.
Like this

How about FinalHealth = BaseHealth + Level * LevelBonus ?

ah yes, this was a stupid question lol, these blueprints can confuse me in the most simplest part of programming lol.

lol, no problem :stuck_out_tongue:

You may want to remember that style when you work with material functions though ^^