Multiple Variable Customizations for a given FField?


I’m doing some work adding custom variable details for all properties and want to do it via plugin alone. Same as how FControlRigVariableDetailsCustomization works. My problem is it’s too identical!

For all properties I wish to add a custom section to the details panel. I have this working but it’s conflicting with the control rig plugin if that’s also enabled. As far as I can tell it’s only possible to bind one Details Customization per FField type as that data is store in a T_Map, not T_MultiMap. This means the last module to try register is the one that wins as it overwrites the previous entry.

Can anyone from Epic either confirm this, or show me how I could bind multiple VariableDetailsCustomization classes for the FProperty type please?

Is this something that could be supported if it isn’t currently? I can edit source for now, but it would be great if multiple customizations could be registered for a single property type. :slight_smile:

Many thanks!