Multiple UV sets in an Skeletal Mesh on ES2

I am having some trouble with skinned meshes for characters in Unreal 4.10.4 version in ES2 platform (project requirement).

I was working in some mesh with 3 UV sets (Maya), made some fancy materials and all works nicely in the static mesh on ES2, using all the UV with some lerps and multiplies to get what I was aiming.

The problem was when I put bones in the mesh, skinned and exported that into Unreal.
The skeletal mesh doesn’t recognise multiples UV sets, just show 1 UV (UV set 0), the UV1 doesn’t exist anymore, and the UV2 looks like the UV0… so… my question here is, in Unreal (4.10.4) skeletal meshes doesn’t support multiple UV channels or sets?

Thanks in advance, and if is the version of the engine just let me know (officially :P).