Multiple UV channels disapearing

So, I was thinking Ill do a channel for decals in channel 1 and total occlusion and tiles in channel 2, I also made a copy of channel 2 to illustrate some oddetys I encounter. I know I dont whant to generate lightmap UVs so I untick that in the import. But when it is imported only one of my channels seem to have bin read. channel 2 or 3, but is now moved to channel 1 or unreals channel 0.

My questions are as follows:

why do my channel jump?

why cant two identical channels get imported?

why cant I import my channel 1? nothings is outside th bounderys of the UV box.

why is there is no error message saying “yo, im taking away two of your channels and here is why”

I have tryed to reimport the FBX file back into max and it do contain all the channels so there seems to be a problem at the import. so, there is probebly some tickbox I have forgotten, but I cant find anyone who hav had a similar problem :confused:
if you know of anyone pease link :slight_smile:

Hi Stroganoff,

I’m not sure what’s going on with this, and it’s something that I’ve not been able to reproduce on my end.

  • What version of 3Ds Max are you currently using?
  • Are you making sure to set it to FBX 2014 in the Export options when you export your FBX?

why cant two identical channels get imported?

To answer this question specifically, you don’t really need the extra UV channel if it’s going to be the same. Just use a Material ID (Multi-Sub-Object Material in Max) so that you can have multiple textures assigned to the same UV without overlapping on a single material element.

If you’re able to can you reproduce this with a simple asset like a Box or Cylinder shape and list your exact repro steps to get the issue.

If you’re able to get the issue with the simple asset please upload that here in a .zip file and I’ll have a look.

Thank you!


I worked it out! I just created a new cube and attached my previus object to that and deleted the cube. nbow it all works :smiley:

Why doesn’t unreal work with 2016?
There’s animation stuff that won’t work properly with 20145/2015 but works with 2016 - and I mean in unreal.
So I have to switch between FBX importers depending on what I am doing which is really painful to have to remember after extended periods between work.


This was added in 4.11. You can find the following note from the Major Release Notes for 4.11 below.

The FBX SDK has been upgraded to
version 2016.1.1.

Thanks Tim! I am actually on 4.11, which is why I was so confused that I couldn’t import multiple UV channels.