Multiple users working on one project at once in real time

So, I wanted to work with my friend on a project, but having to pass the assets and project files around is too much work, I would like to see for a way to trough the internet be able to have 2 people use the engine at the same time online so whenever someone edits something it saves into the same file from the host and they can both see the changes to the map real time as they are editing.

I’m not sure if I explained myself well…
It’s like 1 is.

Better try using version control system do easily sync changes.

Real-time sync is insanely difficult to implement. Currently editor doesn’t even support reloading assets changed outside of editor.
It would also require to transfer huge amount of editor data in short time to be truly real-time. If you’re not connected via LAN to your friend, real-time sync probably wouldn’t be able to work.

And most of the time you don’t need to see someone’s WIP. Actually it could be devastating as you would try adjust your stuff to map’s state which gonna be changed in few minutes. You would waste more time this way.

Also try dividing your game world into sublevels to improve your workflow :slight_smile: