Multiple Spline Path Choices?

Hello everyone,

In advance, I greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer me. I’m more on the art end of things but am trying to get into blueprints so please excuse my ignorance.

I have followed along with most tutorials I have come across and understand how to make characters/meshes follow a predetermined path via a splines. The camera follows along nicely. What I am trying to achieve is what is shown in the attached picture. At the end of a spline point, I would like the player to be able choose a direction. After choosing said direction, a transitional spline path (shown in red) would connect the player to another spline path (all tangent to each other for smooth transitions) with the camera following. I can not find anything tutorial wise that shows something like this. I would assume this is possible but have no idea how to go about doing so. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Again, I greatly appreciate any advice anyone can offer.

Thank you!

No one? lol

I have a similar question, been looking if it’s possible to connect splines via blueprints. Have you figured this one out or a workaround?