Multiple Rigs Can UE4 do this?

I want to know if I can have multiple rigs if the object has the groups for it. For example, Wings. I plan on having wings in my game/comic. Not just ones that attach to the shoulders but also attach to other bones, the legs. It’s time to rig the membranes and it just occured to me that I need to see if UE4 can do this or not. If it does awesome! If not I can simply replace the character with an updated character, I think.
As you can see, I chose to have the wings attached to the legs instead of the easier add tail for the extra wing support. This is because the character has a different kind of tail, being anthro. That and I want to be unique. This character will have a challenge ahead of her when it comes to clothes but of course she will find a way to do it. Anyhow, I know I can have two rigs on a mesh in Blender, I just need two armature modifiers. It makes sense for any advanced game engine to handle multiple rigs, providing that they are done right. So, any advice?

You will have to add a few extra bones to those wings.
In ue4 you will need the base skeleton to include those bones. Else the whole thing wont be working correctly.
So just make sure that the skeleton in ue4 has ALL bones for any type of wing or cloth piece.
Then the individual skeletal meshes can be imported to that base skeleton and only include the bones they need.

Thanks, I was afraid that the base would need all the bones. Thanks for your reply, Adeptis