Multiple opacity spheres

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I followed this tutorial:
But i want to do more complicated stuff.

I need more opacity spheres located at players with function “only owner see” so only owner will see transparent walls when he will be near wall.

I hardcoded something like this:

But its not dynamic… Lets say if i wanna create MMO (i want create multiplayer arena)… i cant (“cant”) add 10 000 variables manually… I need something like sphere which ill attach to player when he spawns and then he will see only his transparent walls and no transparency of other players…

I found good picture (uo game 1997) so i think it must be possible to do in unreal…

If someone help me with this i will award him with 20€ :slight_smile:

ROFL i found absolutely the easiest solution :slight_smile: after 20 hours of digging in, i just created only custom event with replication “run on owning client” and it works perfectly :slight_smile:
nobody taken easiest 20€ rofl…