Multiple Landscapes

Hey guys. So I tried to solve the snow issue for my ark map, and I followed Angrytoilets method:

So I have my landscape, theres a small part of it wich I wanna make snowy, so I copied my landscape and opened a new project and there I deleted all the other components of my landscape wich i dont need, so there was just one box left, added the snowy landscape material to it and painted it snowy, than saved it went back to my original map and copied this new landscape there, since its the same exact heightmap, the new snowy area was automaticly put to its place, and than I just used the visibility tool to delete from the original landscape those areas wich I wont need, and now I can only see the snowy land there. Wich seems nice but, do I have to change on any other settings? Is it okay if I have 2 landscapes just like this, or I should have done like in a new level, or layer or smthing like that? Cause it seems nice, but my player spawning for example was working before I added the other landscape, this small fragment of the original map, but now when I spawn far away from this snowy part of the map I fall under the texture, and looks like some parts of the map are well it looks just like when u use the visibility tool, there are holes, so I dont get it, I wasnt using the tool on the other side of my map.

So is there any settings when u wanna use 2 landscapes in the same project?