Multiple Get Socket Location - Connect target skeletal mesh easily?

Hi guys,

I’m doing some experiments with socket location, since I have almost 40 of them, and for each one I need to plug to the target my skeletal mesh ( as you can see from the picture )

I would like to be able to change my skeletal mesh reference ( in my case the ProxyRig ) with another skeletal mesh, but currently if I do that I need to re-attach manually the target for every single get socket location node.

Is there a way to have some kind of “bypass” node, which is connected to every get socket location, but I can plug there the skeletal mesh reference ( target ) in order to avoid re-plugging the reference for each one?

Pictures explain the situation a bit better :slight_smile:

Sorry to bump this thread, but I can’t find a good solution for this issue…could you guys help me out?

Why don’t you just set Proxy Rig to whatever other Skeletal mesh you are replacing it with? That should work on its own.