Multiple Developers in the same Editor at the same time?

Hello, I would like to know if Unreal Engine supports something like this.
Multiple team members can access the same File at the same time in real time. They can work all together in the editor with seeing each other making changes(not really see). Its being Automatically saved to everyone or to a server.
The same way Outlook and Google Documents work. You can share it with others and those other people can make changes while you are doing the same at the same time.
Please tell me its possible on Unreal Engine and how to do it. If it isnt, wouldnt be this a huge step to Game Developement. Wouldnt it save a lot of time? Imagine 20 Develepers working on the same Game at the same time while being conntected to each other.
By saying on single Editor I mean that they are all conntected to something like a room on a server from their own editor. While doing Tasks that are visible to all other team members. Few Examples can be seen by searching for those environment building games.

Example: Sample - Google Sheets
Probably not many people will be online at the same time but you should get what i mean.

No, the tools do not support this (and no mainstream tools do). In reality it would be a logistical nightmare and cause quite a few problems - for one example, what happens when someone needs to import hundreds of megabytes of assets, does everyone have to download them immediately?

Multiple developers can however work in their own separate streaming levels. This is how a lot of studios manage their worlds.