Multiple animations for one skeleton

I have been trying to get animations from 3ds Max working in UE4 for the past couple of days and finally got it working. In parts. I am finally able to export animations for a character from max and import it UE4. However, I cannot use different animations in the same animation blueprint exept for the one I exportet the mesh with. It always says that the skeleton is not compatible even though it is exactly the same skeleton.

Sadly I’m unable to send screenshots.

Within Max I was using FBX 2016/17 with standard settings including animation.
In UE4 pretty much the same thing. Standard settings and import animation checked.

So, overall my question is:

How can I import/export multiple animations for the same skeleton?
I’m sorry if I missed a thread handling this topic.

Thanks a lot in advance for help

After rechecking if or what I did wrong I found the solution to my problem already. If anyone ran into the same problem:

When importing, under ‘Skeletal mesh’ at the very top select the skeletal mesh you’re targeting from the drop down menu.
Easy as that. Feeling stupid over here…