Multiple animated mesh

Hello !

I’m currently working on an artificial intelligence project for a real time strategy game (similar to Age of empire and Rome total War). Our first choice for rendering was to use Ogre3D (and his instancing method) but we are discussing about the possibility of using Unreal Engine (we will probably go further than just an AI project and make an entire game).

I see many similar questions about rts game with UE4 (and with many other game engine in general), like

“is it possible to make a rts with UE ?” or questions about performance. Actually i feel that using UE for a rts game is like using napalm to kill a mosquito (Probably too much resources spend in lightning and shadows for this kind of game)
But here is my main question :

How does UE4 manage multiple animated mesh (like 3000 units at screen) ?

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Currently the way to manage large amounts of objects is instancing through Blueprints, what happens is that the objects are created with blueprints and they are instances of each other, since they are exactly the same it will batch them together so that they count as less draw calls. After that the only thing that has to be managed is memory.

Thanks for your answer. I was looking for instancing with blueprint and i found this :

But i can’t make it work (with or without what i tryed, same result on my performance :/), any suggestion ?