Multiplayer widget explanation - Why this is working and that not?

Could someone explain me, why these stuff working/not working? I cant sleep until i understand this!

Hmmm you are calling SetPercent on the same ProgressBar multiple times per frame. This ForEachLoop doesn’t make sense to me. If you don’t always have exactly one actor of type HeroBase this is most likely causing your issue.

In addition GetAllActorsOfClass isn’t a node you want to use in EventTick as well as setting the percent of a health bar each tick is probably not necessary. Only whenever the health changed this is needed.

Yes, in game i tried it with 3 characters of same class… So thats why ForEachLoop because i wanted to refresh HP of all characters…
About GetAllActorsOfClass i know, im using it only ATM because i created this widget only yesterday so first im testing it if its running correctly. Health update i know how to do (already its binded) or i can call event after apply damage but im a bit interested in this why its not working properly…
“Not working” is not true at all, it working with bugs, like clients doesnt see updated HP and server see one HP as same for all widgets… (like pawn 1 has 80 hp, pawn 2 100 but server see both widgets as with 80 hp)

The loop sets three different values to the same percent indicator.
You do not select a different indicator for each different character.
Also, if the server and client are out of sync, have you made the property “replicates” (or “RepNotify”) ? Are you sure you’re sending a request to update it on the server, and not updating it on the client?

Yes, exactly, this make sense :slight_smile: thank you a lot!
The thing which confused me, was “render scale”, before i used “scale box” which has “render scale” func. so i meant im setting this as progress bar, but as i see, im setting specific widget with “get user widget object” node